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SPRINGER AND COMPANY Builds homes that establish neighborhoods and grow communities. We breathe heritage into relatable living environments that naturally foster a sense of place and well being. An endeavor that nurtures connections between people and the street where they live. Along the way we’ve gathered unmeasurable insight and experience, collaborating with top architects, land planners, engineers and real estate experts to achieve our vision. Together we seamlessly integrate beauty and utility for every project we approach because at the end of the day good looks aren’t everything – livability is.


At the center of life is community. The best neighborhoods weren’t developed; they evolved over time - woven with the character of the people who came to live in them. Today these communities are priceless – envied for their livability and organic blend of live, work, play.

The Springer & Company team has built more than 1000 signature homes and neighborhoods over the course of 20 years. With this experience a vision for future developments was born. It captures the best elements of the live, work, play concept. In partnership with esteemed architectural and design firm Rhinehart Pulliam & Company, Springer & Company identifies suburban locations where the principals of new urbanism can be a pivotal part of planning and execution.

Facing open green spaces intended for the community-at-large, homes will have a mix of building styles providing character and scale complementary to the existing neighborhood. Each new community will be specifically tailored to its location. The goal is that these new neighborhoods will serve as pedestrian friendly anchors connecting and inviting new and existing residents to interact.



Rhinehart Pulliam & Company is a multidisciplinary design firm practicing in the fields of Architecture and Town Planning. Our specific interest rests in the boundary between residential, commercial, and civic architecture--uses that have been torn apart by modern development practices and suburban design. Our goal is to design not only buildings of all types but to design their relationships to each other. Only when all the components of the built environment come together harmoniously can we improve the quality of life for our neighbors and fellow citizens. We are committed to moving the building industry forward by utilizing a fresh perspective and creative design strategies to fit the ever-changing needs of customers as well as presenting solutions to problems that did not even exist three or four years ago.


Brightstar | Compass provides a full range of Sales and Marketing Services to builders and developers. Expertise includes all product types; from one single family home all the way to high rise condominium and master planned communities.

As a leader in new home sales for over two decades, Pauline Miller along with her team of new home sales and marketing professionals have successfully connected more buyers with new homes than virtually any other real estate sales group in Metro Atlanta and the Southeastern United States, resulting in over 17,000 homes closed.

Pauline approaches each project with a passion for making a positive sustaining impact, taking careful consideration of the existing community. Her attention to all details, from the conception of a project through delivery, assures her clients of repeat and referral business for a lifetime.


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